Legion of the Damned

Legion of the Damned is a thrash metal / death metal band from the Netherlands. The band was formed in 2006 following the demise of Occult. Lyrically the band tend to focus on horror motifs, dark occult and religious themes and apocalyptic events. The band uses an external source who writes their lyrics, he calls himself Tony Skullcrusher Manero. Legion of the damned have recorded their albums Malevolent Rapture , Sons of the Jackal, Feel the blade and Cult of the dead in the well known Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen. Descent into chaos was recorded with Peter Tägtgren in Sweden where after the band decided to go back to Andy Classen again with their recording of Ravenous Plague with new guitarplayer Twan van Geel.

Former band member, Twan Fleuren, committed suicide on 21 May 2011 where the band decided to release a special Malevolent Rapture release in dedication to Twan Fleuren.

The band has done numerous of big tours with bands such as Behemoth, Cannibal corpse, Obituary, Kataklysm, Kreator, Watain, Amon Amarth, Misery Index, Celtic Frost, Sepultura and Flotsam & Jetsam. Also the band was present at several big festivals across europe such as Metalcamp, Rockhard, RockHarz, Masters of Rock, Summerbreeze, Graspop, Fortarock, Wacken Open Air, Partysan, With Full Force, Inferno Festival, Chronical Mosher, Up from the ground, Thrash Assault, Winterbreath, Queens of metal, Bloodstock, Earthshaker, Baden in blut, Rockstyle Evolution Festival, Summernight Open Air, Zwarte Cross, Ragnarock, Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Alcatraz, Bang your head, Hellfest, Tuska, Nummirock, Metalfest Poland, Metalfest Germany, Metalfest Croatia, Metalfest Italy, Extreme Fest, Out & Loud and alot more..

The band was also a considered guest in playing countries such as Dubai, Lebanon, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Turkey, Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Brasil, Chile, Argentina, Russia and Mexico where in Mexico they shared a stage with Exodus infront of 3000 people.

Singer Maurice Swinkels and Drummer Erik Fleuren have been together in the band since 1990 where they still operated under the name OCCULT. In 2006 the name was changed into LEGION OF THE DAMNED. Harold Gielen on Bass joined the band in 2006 and replaced Twan Fleuren. Guitarist Richard Ebisch left the band in 2012, where Twan van Geel joined the band directly after replacing Richard Ebisch.

The band recently has a new live session guitarplayer named Fabian Verweij.
The band is under contract with NAPALM RECORDS and ROCK THE NATION booking agency.

Line-up since 2018
Maurice Swinkels – Vox
Twan Van Geel – Guitars
Harold Gielen – Bass
Erik Fleuren – Drums
Fabian Verweij – Session live guitarist